How To Use My Messages/Be notified for unread message

BlueJay Platform will notify the provider for the unread messages once a day in the morning (PST time).

The BlueJay Engage Platform used to send these notifications 3 times a day but we receive lots of feedback from providers saying it was overwhelming. That's why we only send the notification once a day now.  

The message and subject of the email looks like the following. If the provider has already logged into provider portal and read new message(s) during the day, it won't notify you since the message has been read. It only notifies you if there are UNREAD messages.

You can check your unread messages from patients by selecting My Messages on the left menu bar or select the same feature under Provider section.

You will be taken to the My Messages page, and you will find all the unread messages from your patients and reply text message by selecting send button:

Clear the messages from the My Messages page by selecting discard button.

You still can find those messages in Patient Dashboard.(My Patients > Select Patient Name > Patient Dashboard)

Message Patients 
If you plan to send multimedia messages including images or audio to your patients, please go to My Patients > Select Patient Name > Patient Dashboard > Chat
You can also start a live chat with your patient by clicking on the live chat button

Hit the paper airplane button to send messages. You can also click the Plus button to attach a photo, video or send an audio message.

1. Use an image from your desktop or laptop.

2. Click the speaker icon to record your sound then send out the audio recording.

3. Send your patient any kinds files including PDF, videos.

4. Start a live chat with your patient right away.

Patient view - what does your patient see

Your patients will receive a push notification on their mobile device:

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