How To Schedule an Appointment

There are 2 options to schedule an event with your patients/Clients:

Option 1 : Schedule an event from Schedule Event Page 

Select the "Schedule Event" button on the left menu bar. On the video visit page, select the visit options.

Option 2 : Schedule from Patient Dashboard  

1. My Patients > Patient List > Select Patient Name 

2. Patient Dashboard > Appointment Tab > Select "Schedule a Visit" button 

3.  Schedule different types of patient appointments on the right-hand side 

               Provider View

                 Patient View
  The appointment will list on task page of patient app


Type 1 : Video Visit (Default)- The default option for an one-on-one video visit 

                Start now                 Schedule an Appointment


Type 2 - Video Conference : Group Video Conference for up to 6 participants 

                Start Now

                Schedule an Appointment

Type 3 - Office Visit : Regular in-person office visit 

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