How To Start A Video Visit

Few Days Before Virtual Visit :

1. Check your inbox for your appointment confirmation email
2. Be sure to check your Spam or Junk folders if you do not see the email in your inbox.
3. Please do not reply to your appointment confirmation email; this email address is not monitored.
4. If you did not receive an email or have trouble downloading BlueJay APP, contact the BlueJay support team at :


15 Minutes Before Virtual Visit  and Check-In Process (Mobile Device) :

15 Minutes Before Virtual Visit  and Check-In Process (Website) :

1. Check your inbox for your video visit reminder email

2. Ensure your environment is conducive to a successful virtual visit with your therapist:

  • Choose a location where you will be physically comfortable sitting and speaking with your therapist.
  • Ensure there is adequate lighting with no glares or distractions.
  • Position the camera so the therapist will have a clear view of you and your movement.
  • Make sure audio volume at a level where the therapist can hear you clearly.
  • Ensure there is no background noise during your visit.

3. BlueJay Patient App will push notification to start Chekc-in Process on your device. You will be directed to BlueJay Patient App.Click on “Check in now” to continue the Check-in process. 

4. During the visit , usage charges may apply from your mobile or internet service provider. If using a smart phone or tablet, connect to Wi-Fi to minimize usage charges from your mobile service provider.

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