View Patient Dashboard

1. Go to My Patients
2. On the Patient List page, select patient name to go to the Patient Dashboard

3. You will be taken to the Patient Dashboard - Click on each tab to access different features

Overall - Follow or Unfollow Patients

The followed patient will appear in the patient list. The provider will be able to view the compliance and progress of the followed patient in the patient list.
The unfollowed patient will not appear in the patient list, but the provider still can find the patient by using the "Search patient" search box and access to patient record.

Part 1 - Dashboard

01. Health Journey
Track patient's compliance data from the Health Journey section.
Compliance – Exercise Completion
Patient Goal - Patient self-reported progress of the goal
Treatment – The percentage of the treatment timeframe
Pain Level –Patient self-reported outcomes of pain level
Neural Symptom Level - Patient self-reported outcomes of neural symptom level

02.    Exercise Program
You can prescribe an exercise program to your patient.
03.  Chat
Engage and educate your patients by exchanging multimedia messages through Chat section on the patient dashboard. 
  • Not only for text messages, both you and your patient can also send attachments such as audio files, images, and videos.
04.  Notes (Internal Notes)
Put your internal notes and upload multimedia information relates to this patient.
05.  Live Chat
Start a live chat with your patient right away.

Part 2 - Outcomes ( You can set up multiple goals for patients now!)

01. Outcomes
Track patient's compliance, goal, treatment, pain and neural symptoms.

Set up and track goal completion

  • Set and edit the goal of your patient and the patient can self-update the progress.
  • Update or Cancel current goals
           Update or cancel the current goals by clicking on the "Edit" button           Modify the current settings or click on the "End Tracking" button to cancel this goal.
  • Set up multiple goals for patients by clicking on the "+New Goal" button to add new goals for your patients. 

Provider will be able to view the goal progress on the patient list : 

02.    Health Data (iOS patients)
For iOS patients, iPhone's health data can be linked to patient dashboard.

Part 3 - Appointments

01. Appointment
You can view visit history and schedule a visit with this patient through the appointment section.

Part 4 - Survey

01. Survey
View the survey scores and answers to the survey questionaries. You can also export the survey results as a PDF file.

Part 5 - Care Team

01. Care Team
You can organize the care team of this patient by selecting the green "Add member" button to invite internal or external providers. Learn more about CareTeam.

Part 6 - Concierge Package

01. Concierge Package
Assign your patient a monthly subscription package. BlueJay Engage will not process any transactions through the system. You can use your own billing system or PayPal to handle the transactions.  The system will generate an invoice to download which you can send to your patients or use for insurances.

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