How to Assign Concierge Package


You will need to assign the care package to your patient from Patient Dashboard with following steps:

Step 1 : Go To Patient Dashboard : My Patients > Select Patient Name to launch Patient Dashboard 

Step 2 : Select the Concierge Package tab on the patient dashboard 

Step 3 : Select the Assign Concierge Package button 

Step 4 : Select the packages to assign your patients and click on the Subscribe Patient button 

BlueJay Engage platform will not handle the billing process, you can charge your patients through your clinic billing system. 

Step 5 : You can start to schedule a visit with this patient. 

Step 6:  Click on the "Export Invoice" button to generate the invoice in PDF version. The invoice will be generated as PDF for you to collect payment through your medical billing system or your own merchant services/credit card service.

Your patient will receive an email notification of the services in their concierge package,

*View current active service

You will be able to view all the active concierge packages through My Account> Concierge Service > Active Service 

To view the history records, tab the Service History

* View the estimated revenue from Revenue Tab

You will be able to view the estimated income from the concierge packages through My Account> Concierge Service > Revenue

The gross income means the total estimated income of all the concierge packages that you assigned to the patients, you can also view the amount of each items below,

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