Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the most frequently asked questions of  BlueJay Engage : 


1.  Website is not compatible with Safari 

       Yes, our provider website is not fully compatible with Safari. We recommend you to access Google Chrome, FireFox and IE.

       Here's our system requirement page : What are the Compatible Browsers and Devices

2.  I cannot log into the Website 

      If you forgot your password, you can click on the forgot password link to re-set your password. 

      If you still cannot log into the website, we would suggest you clear your browser history then try again: 

3. I cannot get my camera to work through live chat/video visit feature 

     If you cannot get your camera to work while starting a live chat from the dashboard or conducting a video visit and find the messages below from your browser: 

The quick solution will be to close all open tabs on the browser and restart the application again then everything will be back online.

4. Does my subscription fee stay the same even when my patients increase?

    BlueJay Mobile Health allows you to add an unlimited number of patients with the same subscription fee.

5.  How do I update my clinic name?

      You can change your clinic information with following steps:

      Step 1: Go to My Account > My Profile

       You can view and enter your clinic information on the right section:


Here's the tutorial video regarding clinic information:

6. How do I add another therapist to my clinic 

     You can go to My Account > Manage Provider then select Add PT Account button to add new therapists and go through the payment process.

Patient Related

1. What does my patient see from the APP?  

You can see the tutorial video of BlueJay Patient APP here. Also, we have online tutorials for patients. 

2. How do I change patient's phone number?    

     Click on the patient icon from the patient list 

On patient profile, click on the pencil icon to modify patient's information,

You can update patient's phone number now!

3. What if my patients are asking for printed instructions? 

 If your patients are not smartphone users and would like to have a printed instruction, you can select Print/Export PDF button to export the current exercise program as a PDF file then print it out for the patients. 

4. What if my patients are not smartphone users?

If your patients are not smart phone users, your patients can do video visit with you on the web. As for HEP, your patients will receive a link to view exercise program on the web.

Your patient will receive the treatment email notification with a link to access exercise program via patient web portal as the following tutorial video,

5. Bulk upload failed, how do I resolve the problem.

If you are a mac user, after you download the BlueJay bulk upload template and fill up the patient information, please select the "Cancel" button when you find the following pop-up message: 

Once you click on the Cancel button, excel will ask you to save the file. Please select the file type as “Windows comma separated(.csv)” as the following screenshot. Then upload this file back to the bulk upload page, your patient records should be uploaded to the system successfully. 


1.  How do I prescribe more exercises to the patients or resent the exercises?

      If you want to add more exercise videos to the current exercise program and send to your patient, you will need to revise the current exercise program of the patient and send it again. 

        Step 1: Go to My Patients > Patient dashboard by clicking on the patient name of this patient.

                      Select the enlarge button of the Exercise Program section. 


        Step 2:  You will be taken to the exercise program page of this patient, then you can select the "Add Videos" button to add more exercises to this patient. 


*Note: If you just want to resend the exercises, you just need to enter some text instruction and change it back until the green "Next" button appears. 

       Step 3:  After you add more exercises to this patient, you need to select the green next button on the left side to send the exercise videos to your patient again.


Here's the tutorial video about how to resend the exercise program: 


1. How does BlueJay Engage handle payment process?

BlueJay Engage will not process any transactions through our system. You can use your own billing system or PayPal to handle the transactions.  The system will generate an invoice to download which you can send to your patients or use for insurances.

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