How To Setup Concierge Program


Setup Your Concierge Program

Please go to My Account > Manage Service to setup your customized service package 

Step 1: Under the Service Setting tab, you can start from service general setting to update your consent form for the video visit feature and enable the Auto Message feature.

Step 2 : Setup Service/ Package Setting

BlueJay offers 3 default service packages for you and you are not able to delete those 3 default packages :

1. Free Service 

2. Single Visit 

3. Discharge wellness Monthly Subscription 

You can select Duplicate button under Discharge wellness Monthly Subscription to duplicate this package setting then revise to your customized one.

Step 3: Select the services under your package

You can define the name of your package, select the payment option and setup the service fee. Also, you can select the services that are included in your package. 

Once you select the Save icon, you will be ready to assign this package to your patient!


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