Getting started with BlueJay HME Provider Portal

BlueJay DME Provider Portal is available cross-platform to both DME/HME providers and patients. For providers, BlueJay HME Portal is available on the web portal. For patients, the app is available on iOS iPad and iPhone through the Apple App Store, as well as for Androids through Google’s Play Store. 

Getting started with 5 easy steps: 

Step 1: Add your patients
Step 2: Communicate with your patients
Step 3: Start a group video conference with clients
Step 4: Introduce BlueJay to the patients
Step 5: Broadcasting to the patients

Step 1: Add your patients
1.1. Click on Add New button 
1.2. Fill up all the mandatory fields including patient information, machine or mask information

1.3 Your patient will receive an email and a text message with the login and temporary password (their phone number) to download and launch the BlueJay Engage app

Step 2:  Communicate with your patients
2.1. Go to My Patient > Click on the patient name then go to Patient Dashboard
2.2. Use the Chat section to exchange multimedia messages with your patient

Step 3:   Start a group video conference with clients
*Please ensure the system requirements before initiating a video visit with your patient

3.1 Select Video Conference button to start a remote meeting with your patients and care team members.

3.2. You will go to BlueJay Meeting login page.
Enter your name and click on the "Join Meeting" button
3.3. Start the group conference with your clients
To learn more, click here to the video conference manual

Step 4: Process Orders

3.1. Go to My Patient > Find the unfulfilled orders by filtering by Order Status or click on the red Unfulfilled Order button.
3.2. You can find the order information from Order Item(s) 
3.3. Click on See Details link from Order Item(s) field, you can view the order request

3.4. You can view and print out the order request as a PDF file.3.5. Once you process the order, you can update the order status to Fulfilled
3.6 You can also click on patient name > patient dashboard, to view the order history of this patient.

Step 4: Introduce BlueJay to the patients
4.1. Go to Settings > Company Settings > Send invitation to the patients by entering their email addresses
4.2. Your patient will soon receive an email invitation with a self-registration link

Step 5: Broadcasting to the patients
5.1. Go to Broadcasting to broadcast different types of contents to your patients


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