How To Set Up Patient's Goal ?

Go To My Patients > Click on patient name to Patient Dashboard > Outcomes

Step 1 : Click on Set a Goal Now button to set up patient's goal -

Step 2 : Set up the patient's goal and click on the save button.


Set a functional activity that is meaningful to the patient. E.g. walking

Amount or quantity 

Set the amount for the goal, E.g. 30 minutes
The provider can select the unit as minutes, hours, days, reps, sets.


Set a reasonable timeframe for achieving the goal. E.g. 3 weeks
The provider can select the unit as weeks, months, years.

Setting rules -

  1. The patient can set up multiple goals for a patient.
  2. The provider can edit amount and timeframe, but not the activity of the goal.
  3. The provider can end the goal at any time. 

Step 3 : Edit or delete current goal - Click on the grey edit button from the outcomes section.

* The provider can only edit the Amount or quantity and the Timeframe of the goal.

You can revise the current goal once select the "Edit button" 

You can revise the goal and click on the Save button to save all the changes. If you want to delete the goal, please select "End Tracking" button to end the goal. 

Step 4 : Patient can self-track the goal progress 

Patient won't be able to track the goal if the provider doesn't set up one.

Once the provider created the goal for the patient, the patient will be able to track his/her goal progress from the progress page.

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