Conduct a Group Conference in 6 Steps

BlueJay Meeting is a HIPAA compliant GROUP video conferencing feature, which is included in our Gold & Enterprise Subscription Plans. It is also available standalone. The Group Video Conference feature is up to 6 participants


*Please ensure the system requirements before initiating a video visit with your patient

BlueJayMEETING supports the following browsers

  • Google Chrome (latest release version)
  • Firefox (latest release version)
  • Safari 11 must be on macOS and Safari on iOS 11

Step 1 : Schedule A Video Conference

Option 1 : Schedule from Patient Dashboard  

1. My Patients > Patient List > Select Patient Name > Patient Dashboard > Appointment Tab > Select "Schedule a Visit" button 


Option 2 : Schedule an event from Schedule Event Page 

Go to "Schedule Event" > Video Conference

Select the "Schedule Event" button on the left menu bar. On the video visit page, select the visit options.

Select Video Conference button to schedule the meeting 

                Start Now

                Schedule an Appointment


Step 3: Patient receives notifications

Patient will receive email, text messages and push notification after the video conference was scheduled.

Patient notifications

via email

by text message

Patient launches the Group Video Conference
via the web link from notifications

Step 4: Provider launch the group meeting 

Once the patient launches the meeting room, the provider will find the notification on the bottom right showing that patient is in the waiting room. 

Patient is in the waiting room

Provider can click on the notification on the bottom right and launch the meeting room

Step 5: Start the group conference

Top menu bar 1. My Profile
Edit your profile information
2. Stop/Enable Receiving video
The participant can turn off all the camera during the meeting.
3. Mute/Unmute Participants
The participant can mute the others during the meeting.
4. Record - You can record the group conference meeting and download the file right away

Select the "Record" button to start recording
Click on the "Recording" button again to stop recording
Select the number of the record button to download the recorded file
5. Layout- Participants can change the layout of the video call

Bottom menu bar1. Message - Participants can send messages during the group conference
2. Share Screen - Participants can share screen in the group conference

3.Invite - Every participant can copy the meeting link, then manually invite another person ( up to 6 locations) 4.Leave Call -  Leave the conference call by selecting the Leave Call button, you will receive a confirmation before leaving the call.

Step 6: Add Note and view recorded videos in Visit History

After the video conference, you can view the recorded videos and add note from visit history

Option 1 : My Patient > Patient Dashboard > Appointment

Option 2: Schedule Event > Visit History

*Contact BlueJay support team at to learn more about the group conference feature.

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