Getting Started with BlueJay Engage app

DME patient app is available for both iOS or Android devices, getting started with 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Activate your account
Step 2: View HME product
Step 3: Message your provider
Step 4: Reorder and resupply
Step 5: View Newsletters

Step 1: Activate your account

1.1. Once your provider add you to the BlueJay platform. You will receive an email notification and text message to guide you to download (Step 1) and launch the app (Step 2).

1.2. Please follow the steps below to activate your account, 

 There are 2 tabs of DME patient app, Devices (Devices from the HME company), Messages:

Step 2: View HME Devices information

Tab the first tab Devices to view the instruction of the HME devices, you will be able to view the video, description, user manual of this device.

Step 3: Message your providers 

4.1. Go to Messages page, message your providers

4.2. You can send multimedia messages to your provders

Step 4: Reorder your devices online

4.1. Tab the "Online Order" button to reorder the devices

4.2.  Complete the order form with 3 questions

4.3.  Complete your order, the HME providers will receive your requests and process for you.

Step 4: View the newsletters

6.1. Click on bell icon to view the unread newsletters
6.2. View the notifications

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