A Quick Start of BlueJay Provider iPad app


iOS 9 or above version.

Step 1: Install Provider app from APP Store

Go to APP Store > Search BlueJay Engage

Select and install BlueJay Engage – Provider 

Step 2: Logging Into Your Account

Open BlueJay Engage - Provider and enter your email and password to login

Step 3 : Add Your First Patient

Tap My Patients, Select Plus Button

Enter mandatory patient information
*Legal guardian information is also required for patient who is under 18.

  1. The patient will receive a text message and an email to guide them to download and install the patient app.
  2. You will be taken back to Patient List and new patient name will be on the top.
  3. You can select Patient Name to launch Patient Dashboard- Click on the enlarge button of every orange section bar to get detailed information:


  1. Exercise Program Section  - You can view the current exercise program of your patient and send out a new treatment plan to your patient.
  2. Notes Section – Tap the Plus button to leave your internal note of the patient here.
  3. Progress History Section – You can view the log progress of your patient.
  4. Chat Section – You can send text/audio messages, images and also do a live chat with your patient.
  5. Live Chat– You can start a live chat with your patient by selecting this button.

Step 4: How To Build Your Pre-Group Exercises (Add Exercises To Your Favorites)

  1. Tap My Favorites then select Create New to create a new favorite library. Enter the name of your Favorite List then select Add.

You can select Add Ex button to add exercise videos o r to your Favorite library

*Note: Select Film Ex then you can film the exercise and upload to the app

3. Filter – You will be taken to the Filter page to access the BlueJay Video Library and narrowing down your search.

4. You can switch the Specialty on the top left drop-down list and select body parts. Select Search button to view the search results.

Click on the Add button to add the videos to Favorites. You can edit Reps, Sets and add text/audio instruction to your pre-group videos.

5.  Share the pre-group list to other therapists by selecting Add to Clinic button to add your favorite list to clinic library.

6. If you prefer to use the pre-group exercise videos from other therapists, you can go to Clinic Library to select the shared list then select Add to Fav button.

Step 5: Prescribe an exercise program to your patient

1. You can go to My Patients > Select Patient Name to launch Patient Dashboard

2.On Patient Dashboard, click on Exercise Program bar to go to Treatment Page and select New Treatment button.

3.1. Adding the videos from Favorite lists 

On Treatment Page, you can select Add Ex button and tap Favorites to add your pre-group exercise videos to your exercise program.


3.2. Film your patient and add the videos to the Exercise Program

On Treatment Page, select Film Ex button to film your patient then add the videos as part of your treatment plan  


Film the video then tap the “Use Video” button to upload the video to the Exercise Program. You will then find the video under your exercise program. 




4. Once you added your exercise videos, select Schedule and Send Treatment button to go to the Schedule page.

You need to enable the Time Range and confirm the start date and end date. You can also attach a Survey with exercise program by selecting the drop-down menu.
Select Confirm button to prescribe the exercise program to your patient.


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