5 Steps that will Get You Fast Tracked to Success (HEP)

BlueJay Engage is available cross-platform to both providers and patients: Provider iPad, Provider Web Portal, Patient iOS (iPhone/ iPad), and Patient Android.

For providers, BlueJay Engage is available on the web portal. We also have an iOS iPad version available for providers to use. For patients, the app is available on iOS iPad and iPhone through the Apple App Store, as well as for Androids through Google’s Play Store. Patients are allowed to access their exercises and start a video visit with their providers on the web.

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Getting started with BlueJay Engage with 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Add your first patient 
  • Log in to your BlueJay account, and then from the My Patients page, click on the "Add New" button below. 
  • You'll then see the form to add your new patient. The only required fields are first name, last name, email, zip code and cell phone

After adding your first patient, you will be taken to the Patient List. Select Patient Name to enter Patient Dashboard.
Step 2: Build Your Pre-Group Exercises (Add Exercises To Your Favorites)
1. Go to My Favorites Page > Select Plus button to create a new favorite library

Enter the name of your Favorite List, then select Next button to add videos.

2. You can select "Add Video" button to add your favorite list
Step 3: Prescribe an exercise program to your patient 

Find the Exercise Program panel. Click on the blue bar or Create New Tx button to prescribe your first exercise program.

On the Treatment Page, select New Treatment button or select Next button by using the default name.
Select Add Video button to add exercises to your treatment plan.

Personalized Treatment page lets you design a wide range of exercise programs.
  • You can add more video by clicking Add Video button
  • You can Save this Treatment Plan to Favorite Library by selecting Save as Favorite button
  • You can set up Reps, Sec Hold, Sets for each exercise video and add text instruction.
  • You can find 4 buttons to personalize your treatment plan.

Information icon : You can find the details information of exercise video.
Microphone icon: You can record audio instruction via the popup window.
Double Arrow icon: Select to re-order exercise video
Garbage can icon: Select to delete the exercise video from this treatment plan.
*Note: A treatment plan is not sent to a patient until you complete step 4 below 

Step 4: Send out your treatment plan
Once you're done with the design of the treatment plan, select the "Next" button in the top right to go to the Schedule page.
  • Confirm the start date and end date then select the drop-down menu to Attach a Survey.
  • Select the Schedule & Send Treatment button to prescribe the exercise program to your patient.
  • Your Patient will receive an email notification to log in and download Patient App, our app for patients are available on both iOS and Android devices (free).
* If you plan to print your treatment plan to your patients, please select Print/Export PDF button

Step 5: Tracking outcomes from your patients

BlueJay Engage not only saves you valuable time in creating, designing and re-using exercise programs but also allows you to track your patients' progress and survey outcomes.  To see patients' progress, simply go to My Patient > Patient List to select the patient name to find the Health Journey panel and Outcomes tab on the Patient Dashboard:
Health Journey panel
Outcomes tab

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