My Contacts - manage your contact list

Before inviting provider to the care team, you can build up the contact list from internal or external providers. 

Go to My Contacts > Invite Provider to Connect


Add/invite internal providers

1. To add your clinic member to your contact list, simply use the search box next to the orange "All Contacts" button to search the provider name. Select the provider's name from the search result.

2. Click on the select button to add this provider to the contact list.

.3 Compose the message to this provider, the provider will receive a email notification for being added to your contact list.

Add/invite external providers

1. Click on the "Invite Provider to Connect" button to invite external providers 

2. Add the name and the email address of the invited provider and compose a message for the invitation,

Invitation for being part of contact list

Both external and internal invited providers will receive an email notification to accept the contact invitation, click on the link to activate 

External providers will need to complete a registration process to launch BlueJay Engage

Internal providers just need to accept the contact invitation, then the providers will be added in to the contact list.

Now you can manage the contact list and  add the providers from contacts list to the Care Team!

Contact BlueJay support team at to learn more about the care team features.

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