Video Visit Quick Start Guide

Getting started with BlueJay Video Visit with below steps:


Please ensure the system requirements before initiating a video visit with your patient

Step 1: Setting Up Your Video Visit Payment Settings
You must do this first or you will not be able to schedule a visit. Please go to My Account > Manage Service > Concierge Service 
  • Make sure the Activate Video Visit checkbox has been selected.
  • Upload Video Visit Consent Form (In PDF format) by selecting Update your form button.
  • Go To Concierge Service Setting to setup the price for Single Visit or Service Package (Check here to learn more to setup your service package)

Step 2 - Add Your First Patient (So you can conduct your first video visit)

  • Go to My Patients > Patients List, Select Add New Button
  • Enter mandatory patient information including First name, Last name, Email and Cell Phone

Step 3: Schedule an appointment 
Go To Schedule Event Page > Select appointment type

1. Video Visit : One-on-one  video visit with SOAP note AI range of motion and assessment video library

2. Video Conference:Group video conferencing with up to 6 participants

3. Office video : Regular in-person office visit

  • Fill-up the mandatory fields then select Save button.

Step 4:  Remind Patients for Video Visit

In the schedule visit window, it is optional for you to send the reminders to your patients before the visit. 

Your patient will get emails, push notifications and text messages before the Video Visit followed by the timeline below :

Patient view - what does your patient see 

15 minutes before Video Visit starts, patient will receive a push notification, text message and an email notification for check-in process :

If the patient would like to do the video visit on the web, the patient can click on the link in the email notification to start the video visit with you.

As for the patient with the BlueJay patient app on their mobile device,

Patients will be sent to Waiting Room after complete the check-in process.
Step 5 : Launching Video Visit with your patient 
1. You should log into the provider website 15 minutes before video visit to wait for the patients. Once your patient has checked-in, the video visit pop-up window will appear on the bottom right. Select View Visit button to launch video visit.

2. Before you begin, you can review Intake Form from your patient on the right side of the screen. When you’re ready, you can select Start Visit button to start the visit.

Step 6 : During the Video Visit
  1. Take SOAP
  2. Evaluate Patient's ROM
  3. Screen Capture and Video Recording 

Step 7 : Edit Your SOAP Note After Video Visit

You can exit your SOAP Note now under Video Visit > Visit History, Click on here to learn more.

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