New Features on BlueJay Engage 6.0!

Check out the new features and updates in BlueJay Engage 6.0:

Important highlights from this release

Provider Website (HIPAA Compliant) 

1. Patient Population Compliance Dashboard

2. New Patient Dashboard with Health Journey Chart (Goal Setting)

3. Adding Caregiver for patients - Add caregiver if your patient needs one.

Provider Website (HIPAA Compliant) - New Features in Video Visit:

1. Screen Capture and Video Recording

2.Evaluate Patient’s ROM using AI Technology

3. Edit SOAP Note after Video Visit

4. Group Video Call (Beta Version) - Contact BlueJay For a Beta Test at!

Bugs fixed for 6.0 release

1. Provider can update patient's phone number

     Click on the patient icon from the patient list 

On patient profile, click on the pencil icon to modify patient's information,

You can update patient's phone number now!

2.You can select "All Specialties" under Advanced Search

If you are not able to log into the website....Try to clean up your browser history

      If you forgot your password, you can click on the forgot password link to re-set your password. 

      If you still cannot log into the website, we would suggest you to clear your browser history then try again : 

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