New Features on BlueJay Engage 7.0!

Check out the new features and updates in BlueJay Engage 7.0:


Important highlights from this release

Provider Website (HIPAA Compliant) 

1. New Patient Individual Dashboard

2. CareTeam and My Contacts

3. New Scheduling options - Office Visit and Video Conference 

4. BlueJay Meeting - Group Conference

Bugs fixed for 7.0 release

1. Easier to add multiple patients

Go to patient list (the first page while launching provider website), click on the "Bulk Upload Patients" button 

1.2. Follow the steps to download and fill up the patient template as an excel spreadsheet

1.3. Update the spreadsheet back to the platform

2. Provider can retrieve treatment history from Patient Dashboard

     Go to patient dashboard > Health Journey > Right Click on the Treatment timeframe

You can download the treatment history as a PDF file now.

2. Provider can define sets and reps of self-uploaded videos

3. Allow email with a dash (-) in the system

4. Alert for unsaved changes in Clinic Library

If you are not able to log into the website....Try to clean up your browser history

      If you forgot your password, you can click on the forgot password link to re-set your password. 

      If you still cannot log into the website, we would suggest you to clear your browser history then try again : 

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